Beach Days and Flip Flops – Colouring Page Printables

The nice weather has arrived although a chill can still be felt on some days. The end of the school year is closing in. Parents and kids are thinking of summer and all there is to do. My mind wanders to those beach days and flip flops. If I could I would wear flip flops all year long.

Who doesn’t love to colour? Get ready for Beach days with these 3 colouring printables for kids and adults.

Beach Days and Flip Flops – Colouring Page Printables

There is nothing better than heading to the beach to soak up the sun and enjoy a nice cool dip in the lake.

beach Days and Flip flops

There are so many of us who would prefer to go barefoot all summer long. unfortunately, some places require shoes. Flip flops are the next best thing to being barefoot or wearing barefoot sandals.

beach days and flip flops

When you are heading out for a day at the beach, always remember to bring a beach umbrella to get a bit of shade from the direct sun.

Heading to the beach? Bring along some printables and crayons to keep the kids busy during the drive or on the beach.

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