Childhood Fears Can Become Adult Fears

Childhood fears can start early in life. It’s normal to be afraid of noises, monsters, or just being alone in our rooms. It is a natural part of childhood and development. These fears help a child prepare for more distressful and discomforting challenges later in life. Having fears can leave a child or an adult feeling anxious.

The first time you leave your child in the hands of another caregiver, while you head out for work or an evening out, your child cries, that is the fear of being left. Usually after the parent is out a view the crying subsides and the child is fine.

Signs of Anxiety

stomach aches
sweaty hands
shortness of breath
accelerated heart rate

Childhood Fears

Fears of a Child

separation/being along

Childhood fears

When I was a child, I played with bugs, they didn’t bother me one bit, well not until I lifted a rock and out came a bunch of spiders. Yes, I freaked out. Since that day I have feared spiders and fount that it was not longer fun to play with bugs. I remember when I was quite young, someone scaring me with a garter snake, giving me a fear of snakes.

Most children fears will disappear or be replaced with a new one. I know many adults, who still fear clowns. I still don’t like spiders, snakes or even mice. No the difference with your child’s fears and anxieties, it could turn into real issues as they grow into adults, who may need to seek professional help.

Is the fear age related?
What are the fears and how do they effect your child?
Is the fear unreasonable?

Dealing with Childhood Fears

Recognize the fear is real – talk about the issue
Never ubdervalue the child – the fear will still be there
Have the child rate the fear – 1 being weak, 10 being strong.

My daughter has a few fears, she is afraid of loud noises, insects and pests. We talk to her about them, we listen when she is scared and crying. We never make fun of her. She doesn’t like thunder, but fireworks are fine until she wants to go to sleep.

childhood fears

I am not an expert in any way about fears and anxieties, I have fears and thoughts that make me anxious. I have a support system of people who go through what I do. I thank them for being there, to listen and understand when others do not.

Did you have childhood fears? Do you still have fears?

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