Boost Your Motivation – Anxiety and Depression

Boost your Motivation

Motivation is a complex concept for many people. In spite of having big dreams or wanting to accomplish a specific goal, taking the steps necessary to reach the end results can seem impossible. Sometimes just finishing a tiny amount feels like all you can do. Wipe the idea of accomplishing anything greater, right off the list. This is strikingly true if you suffer from anxiety or depression. These mental health conditions zap the energy, happiness and will from your body. You may find yourself unable to accomplish even the basics of … Continue reading

Childhood Fears Can Become Adult Fears

childhood fears

Childhood fears can start early in life. It’s normal to be afraid of noises, monsters, or just being alone in our rooms. It is a natural part of childhood and development. These fears help a child prepare for more distressful and discomforting challenges later in life. Having fears can leave a child or an adult feeling anxious. The first time you leave your child in the hands of another caregiver, while you head out for work or an evening out, your child cries, that is the fear of being left. … Continue reading