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When I go to the dollar store I see so many items that I can create with products they have in the store. Here are a few Christmas crafts I came up with. It is also a great place to pick up crafting supplies and a lower price.

Christmas Crafts

3 in 1 Santa Crafts

I bought a Santa Bell at the dollar store and was able to make 3 different Christmas crafts. I took the Santa and deconstructed it. I then made it into other projects, a candy tree, a waterless snow globe and a clay pot Santa.

Christmas Crafts

Candy Tree

For the Candy tree I just used a styrofoam cone and glued green garland around it and added the candy using pins.

Waterless Snow Globe

For the snow globe, I used the bell part of the original Santa. I bought a few miniature winter figures and some fake snow. I glued the figures to the lid of the bell, added some glue to the inside of the bell and added the snow.

Clay Pot Santa

For the clay pot Santa, I just painted the pot red and black and added the Santa head from the bell.

Simple DIY crafts on a budget, you can’t go wrong at the dollar store


Do you like to get creative?  Looking for more craft ideas? Check out my Christmas Crafts board on Pinterest.

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