Advent Calendar – DIY

Each year we usually by an Advent Calendar with one of my daughter’s favourite characters on the box.  Each day it is always the same surprise inside, a little tiny piece of chocolate. This year we decided that we would create a DIY calendar and put our own surprises and notes inside and make it a bit more fun.

I have bags full of toilet paper rolls and an old picture frame in the closet that I had used for a photo booth for my daughter`s birthday, I decided to use those items to create the calendar.


Advent Calendar

Materials Needed

  • Old picture frame – medium to large
  • 24 Toilet paper rolls
  • christmas wrapping paper
  • glue/glue gun
  • card stock paper
  • glitter
  • paint
  • ribbon


Toilet Rolls

Pull out and measure the wrapping paper to fit around the rolls and glue on.
Form a Christmas tree with the rolls and set it aside.
Using card stock paper, create enough circles to cover each roll, put a number from 1-24 on a roll and add some glitter attach to rolls with ribbon.



Paint the picture frame using both red and green and give it 3 coats of paint, letting dry between coats.
When it is completely dry, measure the garland around the frame and cut the garland to fit and glue into place. Add some wrapping paper to the back of the frame and added in the toilet paper roll tree a few flowers around the corners and the project is complete.

Add the notes and treats inside each roll and your Advent calendar is ready for the countdown to Christmas.

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Here are a few craft books I found at Kobo Canada, great for more DIY projects.

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