Chromecast Streaming

I recently bought a new TV and decided to get Chromecast to use with it. We have been online streamers for quite a few years now, so we wanted to be able to continue viewing the way we wanted to. With Chromecast Streaming, it is exactly the same as viewing from my laptop or desktop, but with a much bigger screen.


Installing and preparing to view shows was simple, I just needed to plug in the HDMI cables and install the Chromecast app on my smartphone and PC. Within Chromecast/google cast I can access many apps like Crackle, Youtube and more, to view on the TV. The majority of our time is spent on Netflix.

Chromecast not only allows you to download apps for TV Shows but music apps. We added the TuneIn app and access all our favourite local radio stations like Q-107 and Chum Fm. My daughter loves using the Just Dance Now app to dance around the apartment as she follows along.

Not only do I cast from my smartphone but from my laptop aswell. There are many shows that I watch that I can’t get from a chromecast app so I stream from a website.
Chromecast Streaming

My 5 year daughter loves to check out videos and music using You Tube Kids, another app we installed for full family enjoyment. It is simple and easy for her to use. The TV is set up with parental control and her Netflix profile is strictly for kids. We feel safe allowing her to watch the shows she enjoys, without finding shows that may be inappropriate.

If you are looking to cut the cable and/or are looking for an alternative to regular TV, then this is worth picking up and can be picked up at your local Best Buy or Wal-Mart store for a one time price of $45 CDN. Start watching more shows you love with Chromecast streaming.

This is not a sponsored post. It is just my opinion on a product that I use and like daily.

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