Spring Wreath – DIY Project

Spring is here and it is time to freshen up your door decor with a simple and easy DIY Spring Wreath to hang on your door.

For me, having a wreath on a door is a welcoming, to the seasons and my home. I love to hang wreath’s on my door and  I like change them with the seasons, but living in a building, I don’t want to hang one up on the outside of my door so I hang it on the inside, on my balcony door. It was time to make a new spring wreath to hang on the door. I went through my craft cupboard and found some materials to use, so I didn’t have to buy new ones.

Spring Wreath

Materials Needed

  • wreath form – I used a cardboard box
  • yarn
  • silk flowers
  • hot glue gun

With the cardboard, cut into a wreath shape then take the yarn of your choice and tie it around the wreath form. Begin wrapping yarn around, until you reach the point where you started making sure that the cardboard is well covered. This is  a bit time consuming, depending on the thickness of the wool. It took about an hour for me.


My favourite flower is a daisy, so I used the bouquet that was in my bin of flowers. they also blended well with the wool I used.

I removed flowers and leaves from stems, trimmed the back so it is almost flush. I placed flowers around the wreath in different positions, once I was happy with the design, I secured the flowers with the hot glue.


My daughter created her own for Easter, with the materials we had on hand, She is so proud of it. The yarn wrapping was left to my hubby since it was a bit tricky according to our daughter, but she did add her bunnies and chicks and all the fun stuff.


Happy crafting!


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