Clay Pot Wind Chimes

Creating with clay pots is one of my favourite crafts. There are so many different projects to create with them. I haven’t made clay pot wind chimes in quite a few years, so I decided it was time to make a new one for inside by my kitchen window since I am not allowed to put anything that makes a noise on the balcony.

Making wind chimes from clay pots is a pretty easy and fun project. You can decorate using a theme or just by keeping it simple with paint.

Clay Pot Wind Chimes


  • 3 clay pots 3 different sizes
  • paint and brush
  • rag
  • embellishments
  • beads
  • ribbon or jute
  • glue gun/glue
  • sealer

Clay Pot Wind Chimes

To begin, I prepare the clay pots with a cleaning, allowing them to dry before adding paint. Once I have decided on a colour, I apply a coat of paint and let them dry. I usually add 2-3 coats if I haven’t used a primer.

For the wind chimes I am creating, I used pink and purple paint, completely covering each clay pot in 2 coats of purple paint. I let them dry. I brushed a few strokes of pink on a pot then wiped it off with the rag, continuing this technique until pots were completed.

Clay Pot Wind Chimes

Spray with sealer and let dry. Once dry, it is time to put the pieces together to form a wind chime.


I added some rhinestone jewels onto the clay pots to add a bit of sparkle. I arranged the jewels on the biggest clay pot, since the smaller ones you will only see the bottoms, I just added a few jewels.

To put the pieces together, I measure about 30 inches of ribbon and folded it in half, forming a loop for the hanger. I then tied a bead to the inside of the pot and glued it to the bottom to hold together. Next, I fed the ribbon through the top of the next pot, adding a bead to the inside again. I continued onto the last clay pot. Trim the ribbon until it is just below the bottom pot and add 2 jewels back to back on the ribbon.

clay pot wind chimes

When completed hang in your garden or near a window and listen to them chime. If you don’t want a noisy wind chime, make the ribbon longer between pots.

Happy crafting!

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