12 Hard to Kill Plants – Becoming a Green Thumb

Do you have a green thumb or do your plants tend to fade away? There is help for this! Yes, that is right, you can become a great gardener with hard to kill plants. While some plants need your full attention there are others that don’t like to be the centre of attention. This is where you can shine brightly for your hard to kill plants.

When I began gardening and looking after the houseplants I bought, I failed often keeping them alive. There were many reasons for this, lighting, water and temperature. I began buying books about plants and flowers.

Hard Plants to Kill

Aloe Vera

Hard to Kill Plants

  • Aloe
  • Jade plant
  • Umbrella tree
  • philodendron
  • cactus
  • rubber tree
  • bamboo
  • zebra plant
  • geraniums
  • cosmos
  • yucca
  • zinnia
Hard to kill plants

Jade Plant

I have had many of these in my gardens or inside on a shelf over the years. I can really say that these plants will last, even when you forget to water. Last summer on my balcony, I had geraniums, cosmos and a few other plants, they survived the until fall, even when I forgot to water on really hot days.

Hard to Kill plants


Depending on the climate, these plants will grow outside. If you live where it is colder than keep them indoors until the weather is warm.

Always remember, some plants are poisonous to pets and wildlife.

Happy Gardening!



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2 Responses to 12 Hard to Kill Plants – Becoming a Green Thumb

  1. cakespy says:

    This post was tailor made for me! I joke that I’m very talented at killing plants (unintentionally!). I think I might (might?) be able to handle some these!

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