DIY Cork Coasters – Easy Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Spring is coming and for me, that means fresh. I decided it was time to organize and clean my craft cupboard and drawers. There were a bunch of cork squares that have been sitting in a drawer for a while now. I decided to do up some DIY cork coasters that would be a perfect gift for any occasion. Something to keep handy when a gift is needed.

Cork Coasters

These coasters will keep your desk or table dry and free of marks. I can’t guarantee a spill free day because accidents do happen, but this will keep the stains off your desk.

DIY Cork Coasters

Making these DIY coasters is pretty easy and simple, with only a few supplies required. Most of the materials used for this project were purchased at Dollarama.

Materials Needed

  • Cork
  • Paper Doilies
  • Mod Podge or white glue
  • Felt
  • Foam brush
  • Sharpies


Take the felt and cut to the size required for the bottom. I found some that were almost the exact size, which made this easier to do. Next, add glue to the back of the cork and place felt on and let it dry. once dry cut off any overhang of the felt.

Cork Coasters

Flip the coaster over and decide where you would like the paper doily to be. Take the foam brush and add some mod podge to the top of the cork and some to the doily and place in its spot. Add more modge podge to the entire top of the coaster. Allow to dry and apply another coat.

Repeat each step for all additional cork coasters. You can add anything to the top when designing your coasters. Pictures from magazines, maps or even photos are something to consider using for the top. using the modge podge seals the entire top.

Once the mod podge is dry, add a little bit of colour to the white doilies, or write a quote or sentiment on the top.

These DIY cork coasters are perfect for a Teacher gift at the end of the school year. Homemade gifts are always a good option. It shows your time and the effort that went into making someone happy.

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