Dramas to Stream on Prime Video Canada- 9 Old and New Shows

I have been subscribing to Amazon Prime for well over a year now and with that comes Amazon Video. There are Prime Video Originals, movies and old TV. Many of the shows have been previously aired on regular television.  I have made a list Dramas to Stream on Prime Video that I have already watched the majority listed or am currently watching.Dramas to Stream on Prime Vidwo

Dramas to Stream on Prime Video

  1. Lost – rewatching 
  2. Desperate Housewives – rewatched
  3. 21 Jump Street –rewatching (bedtime show)
  4. Goliath – watching
  5. Hand of God – watching
  6. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – watched
  7. Good Girls Revolt – watched
  8. Startup – watched

Most TV Dramas are Serial dramas, meaning that each week the plot continues throughout the series with a few twists and turns to keep you watching. Each season finale brings a cliffhanger that has you waiting months for the new season. When watching on Prime, I try to find shows with a few seasons so we can binge a series instead of waiting.

We do have shows we watch weekly, seasons of shows that we watched on Netflix or Prime that are currently in a new season on a TV network that won’t be on the apps for another year.

While some of the shows I watch my husband may make fun however, after a few exciting episodes he is hooked and wants me to wait for him so we can watch them together. When you rewatch a show and it has been a few years, you forget some of the plots and it is like watching the show for the first time again.

Need more Prime Videos to watch? Check out this list of shows.

What are you watching? Leave some recommendations of what I should add to our viewing list.

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