DIY Princess Tea Party

Last August was my daughter’s 4th Birthday, she wanted to have a princess themed party. so that is what we gave her, a DIY Princess Tea Party. The tea party was my idea, but she loved the idea.

I began browsing Pinterest for crafty decorating ideas and snacks to create a fabulous Tea Party for a little girl. I spent hours on Pinterest (which isn’t hard to do) pinning and pinning. When I finised searching, my hubby made some hand drawn Tea Pots and cup streamers, some pom pom flowers and a I created a banner using Printmaster, an old program I have for creating designs.

DIY Princess Tea Party

DIY Princess Tea PArty

With every tea party comes some sweet treats and cookies. The sweet table consisted of chocolate squares, lemon cheese bars, cream cheese tarts and of course a princess cake made of cupcakes(my first attempt). We had tons of leftovers, I guess I went a bit overboard. to quench our thirst, I had a variety of flavoured green tea as well a cold drink of ice tea in the fridge.

DIY Princess Tea PArty

Loot Bags

I came up with an idea for a loot bag for the kids to take home with them. Having tons of baby food jars that have been just sitting around since my daughter was a baby. I decided to use a few of them as little candy jars. I painted the lids, added a label and filled them up with candy and added them to my DIY Tea Bag Loot bag, made from a brown paper bag.

DIY Princess Tea Party

Check out some more DIY Princess Tea Party Birthday pics

Do you do themes for your kid’s parties? This year we have a craft party planned with some fun activities for kids. This will be the first party for my daughter with her school friends as long as they aren’t busy with summer activities.

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