Escaping Reality for a Beach Getaway

How often as mothers do we get a chance to take off for the weekend and leave the family behind. For most of us it is a dream and not very likely to happen. Well for me it is happening this weekend.

I spend every day taking care of my daughter and hubby. It is what I enjoy doing, however sometimes you just need a break from reality to clear your head and have fun. I deserve a break and it gives the hubby a chance to spend quality time with our daughter.

A few of us girls rented a cottage and are escaping to a new Haven for a weekend full of fun in the sun. Saturday morning we will pack up a car and head 3 hours away to Port Elgin, Saugeen Shores on Lake Huron. If you’re not sure where that is, check out the map below.

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Today I was worried about even making it up there with all the Tornado warnings for that area. But thankfully that has changed and we are good to go. Rain or shine We will be having an awesome time.

When ever I go somewhere I always make lists to ensure that I will have everything I need want.

Here is my list of items to take:

Food – well mostly junk food and of course something to grill
Beach gear
Drinks- How else will we I let loose.
Laptop full of great tunes
Camera for those great and not so great moments.

Am I missing anything? What would you bring along?

Here’s to this Mama Bear having a great weekend! See you at the beach.

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