Candy Crush Saga – Chocolate is Killing Me

Candy Crush Saga is a match 3 game that seems to be taking over the lives of many of us out there, even the non gamers are checking out this Saga. I am sure that it is the number one game played at the moment.

Need a Life

I started playing this game a few months back and am now in the 100 level. It has become quite an addictive and frustrating game trying to achieve each level. I can not stop playing, I know it will only be a matter of days weeks until I finish my current level.

With each level you go through there are goals like bringing down the ingredients and achieving a score of a certain value in order to move on. We will feel several emotions playing this game, anticipation, frustration, excitement and relief.

Do you play Candy Crush Saga and want off the emotional roller coaster ride? Is Chocolate killing your lives?
Check in to Candy Crush Rehab, a beautiful place to crush the habit.

Candy Crush Rehab

Beware!! Just when you think you are out, you get pulled back in by those darn friend requests. Don’t give in or it will be death by chocolate.

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