Finding the Right Diapers

When you have an infant or toddler, diapers are a big part of your expenses. Finding the right ones through cost and effectiveness takes some time.

When my daughter was born we started off using huggies since we were given some as a gift. We continued using them for months, not thinking that we could save money by buying other store brands, figuring the NAME brands would be the best to use.

We had been talking about how it was almost time to change the diaper size from newborn to size 1. We had a bit of time before changing so we started with the stores we frequent most,  No Frills and Walmart. I looked for the store brands and found that Walmart’s Parents Choice were cheaper than No Frills Teddy’s. So we started with Parents Choice. While they did work, I found that for over night use they bunched up and had a tendency to leak and seemed a bit smaller than the size should be. So we moved on to Teddy’s and tried them. I found that they worked quite well over night, with minimal leakage, and the fit was good. So Teddy’s became our new brand of diapers to use.

Recently I received coupons for Pampers and decided to give them a try since I had not tried them. So I waited until they went on sale and started using my coupons.  I found that the Pampers held up great over night and fit well. So I continued using them until the coupons were finished.

Having tried 4 different brands of diapers I have chosen Teddy’s because they best fit my budget and Pampers I would purchase with coupons or if on sale.

When purchasing baby items, sometimes it is better to test a few things out first before going with  a name brand. However some things just have to be a name brand.



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