Madisen’s Milestones

It took many years of trying and failing before I became a mom and at my age didn’t think it would happen, but eighteen months ago, my beautiful baby was born. Red hair and blues eyes and the sweetest smile

Madisen Sierra born Aug,16,2010 5lbs, 13oz

My daughter is a very active child and keeps me on my toes. I can’t believe how quickly she has grown in the past 18 months.

3 months-4 Months

  • sleeping through the night
  • starts eating fruits and veggies
  • sitting up in bumbo chair
  • sitting in jumperoo attempting  to jump

6 Months

  • her favorite thing to do-jumperoo
  • sitting up more balanced
  • starting to crawl
  • saying 1 or 2 words

8 Months-9 Months

  • standing on her own  no help
  • standing and moving around furniture
  • one step at a time then finally walking
  • recognize shows and music

 10 Months-13 Months

  • more and more words
  • no more bottle
  • very stable on her feet
  • more interest in toys

14 Months-18 Months

  • many many words
  • starting to form sentences
  • more independant

I wish I had actually wtitten down more dates with Madisens milestones, but she has grown so fast sometimes it is hard to keep up. My baby is no longer a baby but becoming a little girl.

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3 Responses to Madisen’s Milestones

  1. Brenda says:

    That’s a great idea!
    Never too late to start taking more notice of all the milestones, both big and small!
    The time goes by so fast you wonder where your baby went.
    Happy Blogging mambear

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