How Much Sleep Does A Child Require?

When babies are first born, they need to eat at least every 2-3 hours and of course sleep on and of throughout the day so they can grow. Many babies continue this routine until they are at least 6 months, while other babies will sleep through the night.

According to others I was lucky enough to have a daughter that started sleeping through the night at the early age of 3 months. The last feeding for the night would be around 9:30-10 at night and then shortly afterwards she would fall asleep  until at least 5-6 am. On a rare occasion there would be a wake up cry somewhere between 3-4 am .

So how much sleep does a child require?

Madisen in bassinette

By the time my daughter was 6 months old she began going to bed between 7-8pm and would sleep until the break of dawn around 6am, with 2 naps during the day, gradually working up to a 10-12 hour sleep and 1 nap during the day. Giving Mama time to catch up on her sleep. It amazes me that when a nap is taken it is approximately 2-3 hours and she will still go to bed at her usual time.

Mama And Madisen nap

At 18 months we decided that we would change from the crib to a toddlers bed and pray she would stay in bed and sleep. My daughter is such a big girl and stays in her bed, she may not go to sleep right away but she stays in her room as she still can not turn the handle and quietly talks to herself until she falls asleep. My little princess has still maintained her regular sleep routine, however I am lucky if I can get her to go down for a nap now at almost 2 years old. The times that she does I just may have a short sleep myself.

I know there will be a time when this sleep pattern will change and I will again be sleep deprived.

How well does your child sleep? Does your child get enough sleep according to the chart below from the Baby Center or are you sleep deprived?

If you want more information on how much sleep your child should be getting check out this link from The Baby Center

How Much Sleep Does a Child Require?

Age Nighttime Sleep Daytime Sleep * Total Sleep
1 month 8 8 (inconsistent) 16
3 months 10 5 (3) 15
6 months 11 3 1/4 (2) 14 1/4
9 months 11 3 (2) 14
12 months 11 1/4 2 1/2 (2) 13 3/4
18 months 11 1/4 2 1/4 (1) 13 1/2
2 years 11 2 (1) 13
3 years 10 1/2 1 1/2 (1) 12
*Note: number of naps in parentheses
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3 Responses to How Much Sleep Does A Child Require?

  1. My kids have all been great sleepers – thank goodness! Sleep time is “mommy” time!

    Thanks for the great info!
    Shelly Aristizabal recently posted…Happiness… It’s a DecisionMy Profile

  2. Ashley says:

    Love this chart! I believe sleep is so important for the whole family!! Makes everyone a lot happier. 🙂

  3. Jamie says:

    My son is 14 and just informed me that he only needs 2-3 hours of sleep. NOT!!! Say goodbye to the XBOX controllers!! 🙂 Great info for younger ones, though!
    Jamie recently posted…Recipes & More! “Zucchini Muffins” – #TastyTuesdayMy Profile

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