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Have you ever been watching a movie or TV Show and said “Hey, I know where that is?” I know that I have many times. I do a Google search and sure enough, it is filmed in Canada, either in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and sometimes Montreal, just to name a few.

filmed in Canada

Living in Toronto I usually notice the different locations by landmarks, buildings and sometimes just by the title and channel. Oh yes, and I have seen taxi cabs and buses on the streets near Union Station. If you are out and about in Toronto, chances are at some point you will see a filming location. The roads are filled with campers and trucks, road signs are up, and the name of the movie or show being filmed is posted, of course I try to remember, but never do.

What’s shooting near you?

Current or wrapping up shoots in Toronto

Current movies in Vancouver

Have you seen TV and Movie scene locations that you have recognized? Were they filmed in Toronto or another city, perhaps the Canadian city you live in?

Filmed in Canada

TV Shows

Suits (Toronto)
The Gaurdian (Toronto)
Degrassi (Toronto)
Rookie Blue
Reign (Toronto/Ireland)
Blue Bloods


A Christmas Story
The Pacifier
Brokeback Mountain (Alberta)
Twilight (British Columbia)
Titanic (Halifax)
The Incredible Hulk (Toronto)
Mean Girls (Toronto)

Check out these Canadian Filmed US Box Office movies

What have you seen that was filmed in Canada?

Filmed in Canada

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