10 Kid’s Shows on Netflix to Watch

When it comes to Netflix, I don’t have to worry what shows my daughter watches. I have set it up so she is only able to watch shows we approve of.  I created a kid’s profile under her name when the shows she watched filled up in my list of choices. She would browse the shows by the pictures and choose a show by the characters. It didn;t take her long to find shows that really peaked her interest. Shows that she could watch with either me or her daddy. I found a list of her favourite kid’s shows on Netflix to watch.

Kid's Shows on Netflix

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10 Kid’s Shows on Netflix

When it comes to shows, my daughter isn’t as picky as when it comes to food.

  1. Pokemon
  2. Digimon
  3. Mia and Me
  4. Heartland
  5. Full House
  6. Fuller House
  7. Sponge Bob
  8. Mako Mermaids
  9. Nine Lives my daughter’s new favourite movie
  10. Paw Patrol

While I love to sit and cuddle my daughter while we watch TV, some of these shows I will not watch but that’s ok, she watches those ones with her dad.

What shows are your kid’s watching?

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