Black Teas of China – Adagio Tea

Most of the day between drinks of water, my favourite drink of choice is tea. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been trying a variety of flavours of black teas from Adagio Teas.

Black Tea of China

Black Teas of China – Adagio Teas

Adagio has a wide variety of tea, no matter the flavour you are looking for. I choose the sample pack of black teas pictured below. Each blend had its own unique flavour that I really enjoyed.

black teas

Over the past week, I tried all the flavours I received and it even came with 2 extra samples of Blueberry and chocolate chai teas. Since I am a fan of blueberries, I really enjoyed the taste and aroma. My first cup of Keemun concerto tea, I followed the directions on the package. I added a bit of milk and a tiny bit of sugar which brought out a different flavour. When I went for my 2nd cup, I had forgotten to take out the tea ball in my pot, oops! I still made my cup of tea and found that i enjoyed the smoky flavour more with a longer steep than the 3-5 minutes recommended.

Black teas

I found that ordering a sampler, gave me the opportunity to try more blends to make a better choice on a flavour. For a full variety of teas, head on over to Adagio Teas

I drink different teas because I enjoy the flavours. I do not drink tea for any health benefit that they may have. If you are a tea drinker and love to try new blends, I do recommend Adagio Teas. I will be trying a new sampler again soon. My daughter really enjoyed the Pu Erh Dante, I figured this out when my cup was empty.


Mama Bear’s Haven was given Tea in order to conduct this review. As always opinions are our own and in no way influenced.



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