Litterless Lunch Ideas – Picky Eater Green Box Lunches

The new school year is here and I am starting to plan some litterless lunch ideas that I can send with my daughter for school. Not just store bought, but made with love at home.


I recently purchased a lunchbox from Fenigo. I wanted something that would last for a few years. The lunchbox has 5 spots for adding your child’s favourite snacks for lunchtime.

When grocery shopping, I like to plan for school lunches and after school snacks. Not all items are sent to school. I pick items I know my daughter will eat. Once the snack program begins next week, she will have many more choices.

Litterless Lunch Ideas

Litterless Lunch ideas

My daughter is a picky eater and won’t eat everything we cook or make. This lunch box will allow her to make her own lunches with the products she likes.

Litterless lunch ideas

Most lunches we make seem to have the same trend of crackers, fruits and veggies. We also like to use leftovers from dinner, like rice, potatoes, meat or pasta.

litterless lunch ideas

These are pretty basic lunches, they are snacks that I know she will eat. If it isn;t finished when she arrives home, it is shortly afterwards. They may not be perfect for your picky eater, they are perfect for mine.

My daughter’s favourite part of eating her lunches at school is reading the notes we leave her.


Does your school request litterless lunches? What’s in your child’s lunchbox?



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