Litterless Lunch Ideas – Picky Eater Green Box Lunches

Litterless lunch ideas

The new school year is here and I am starting to plan some litterless lunch ideas that I can send with my daughter for school. Not just store bought, but made with love at home. I recently purchased a lunchbox from Fenigo. I wanted something that would last for a few years. The lunchbox has 5 spots for adding your child’s favourite snacks for lunchtime. When grocery shopping, I like to plan for school lunches and after school snacks. Not all items are sent to school. I pick items I know … Continue reading

The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow Pirate Today DVD Giveaway US/CAN

Swan Princess

The Swan Princess is back! A brand new original animated film. Princess Alise is training to be the perfect royal but in her heart, all she wants to do is sail the seven seas as a swashbuckling pirate! After setting sail, Princess Alise is shipwrecked. She washes ashore on an island where she meets Lucas, a young boy who has been living there by himself. They have to work together to survive and get back to civilization! The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today is out on DVD September 6 … Continue reading

Yes, My Child Wears Glasses

es, my child wears glasses

I originally posted this back in 2013. Yes, my daughter wears glasses and has been wearing her glasses since she was about a year. Every once in awhile when I am out and about I get a feeling of being followed. I get a tap on the shoulder or I am just stopped and asked the big question “How did you know your child needed glasses if you don’t mind me asking?” I am all too happy to let them know. When my daughter was first born we noticed a … Continue reading

That Time My Daughter Walked into a Bar

A few weeks ago we went out as a family, for a walk on a Friday night and to do a bit of shopping. We happened to pass by the Club in which we play darts at. We walked over to say hello to those outside we knew. My daughter is quite friendly for a 3 year old and enjoys being around people and chatting. It always begins with Hi, who are you and it continues on with her having a conversation with who ever seems to be around. She … Continue reading