MasterChef Australia

We all love to watch Gordon Ramsey on MasterChef and if you are from Canada you probably watch MasterChef Canada, however, if you are not watching MasterChef Australia, you are truly missing out on what MasterChef is all about.

MasterChef Australi

Last year we began the first few seasons of MasterChef Australia and became hooked. At the beginning of the summer, we picked up where we left and are caught up with the current season.

The show is hosted and judged by Restaurateur and chef Gary Mehigan, chef George Calombaris and food critic Matt Preston. They also bring in other chefs as mentors, challenger’s and judges.

 MasterChef Australia 

The contestants on MasterChef Australia are truly there to learn and of course, win. There are not fights or arguments, each contestant and the judges are very helpful and supportive. I am able to enjoy the show and have a positive comment on all contestants. You feel the love and passion each and everyone has for cooking and wanting to be a chef.

  • 60 episodes
  • Master Classes
  • Cook-offs with Australia’s best chefs
  • Immunity Pins
  • Pressure Tests
  • Dinner Service
  • Mystery Boxes
  • Airs 6 days each week

I have to admit I have used Google to look up ingredients and few techniques of the recipes. Many recipes I am going to attempt to try out. Hopefully, I find the ingredients.

MasterChef Australia

I have always wanted to visit Australia for a vacation, taste the foods and experience a different culture, one day I hope to make it there.

If you love cooking shows, this one is definitely worth it.






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