Mermaid Birthday Theme on a Budget under $100

Birthday parties don’t have to cost a fortune. You can throw a great party on a $100 or less budget. With only 3 weeks until my daughter’s 8th birthday, she decided she wanted a party. We haven’t had a party for her in about 3 years. During the summer many families are busy or away on vacation so no one ever showed up or even RSVP’d. We needed to plan a last minute party and it had to be budget friendly since it wasn’t a planned event. Below see how we did a Mermaid Birthday Theme on a Budget.

Mermaid Birthday Theme

Mermaid Birthday Theme on a Budget

Having a party in our apartment wasn’t really an option.  It is small, even for just a few kids and probably a parent or two. The party needed to be somewhere other than our place. Since we aren’t close to a beach, we decided that the local splash pad would be perfect. A place where they could run around and scream and I don’t have to worry. When it comes to eating the cupcakes, we will return to our apartment for a short time before the party ends.


We decided on the number of kids (5) and I created 5 invites using Canva. I contacted a few of the parents I know and the others were hand delivered. There were a few more than 5 invited and only 4 showed up.

Mermaid Birthday Theme on a Budget

Most of the invites were hand delivered when we saw the kids in the neighbourhood. I sent a few invites through texting the parents and one Facebook message.


  • Party size Pizza $24.95
  • Cupcakes
  • chips $2
  • juice and water

The cupcakes will be made with ingredients I already have on hand. We had Cherry juice crystals and filled up a jug and froze overnight so it would stay cold while at the park.

Mermaid Birthday Theme

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I purchased a mermaid decorations package for $26.99 from Amazon that included 39 pieces. These will be used to decorate the table with the cake.

We also created some Mermaid Tails with paper so that we had a little something to add to the table. The morning of my daughters birthday there were balloons and DIY streamers and mermaid tails hanging from the bedroom door.

Mermaid Birthday Theme

Dollar Tree Item

  • tablecloth $1
  • plates $1
  • candy for loot jars $5
  • cups $1
  • birthday candle $1
  • sponges $1

Loot Jars

At first, we decided against doing loot bags. Most items for the bags are small and I find them to be a bit cheap. The kids may play with them for a few minutes and that’s it. When we went to Dollar Tree, I decided we would do DIY Loot Jars like I had in the past. We would just put a few candies in the jars and put a label on it.

Mermaid Birthday Theme on a Budget

Thank You Labels for jars

We spent about 2 hours at the park splashing around and having fun. There were only a few others in the park so it wasn’t overcrowded. It was a perfect day, we all had a great time.

Do you do themes for the birthdays you celebrate? Do you do them on a budget?

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