Party Favour Jars – DIY

I have been collecting jars for some time and have accumulated quite a collections of baby food jars from when my daughter was a baby. What do you do with a shelf full of jars? Well, for the past 2 years, I have been using them at my daughters 4th and 5th birthday party.  I create some DIY Party Favour Jars to give to the kids who attended. I even had my daughter help out. It turned into mother/daughter craft time.

Party Favour Jars

DIY Party Favour Jars

Supplies Needed

baby food jars
printer and labels


Soak jars and remove old label and glue. ( I gave that job to my hubby)
Once the jars and lids are dry begin painting the lids with the paint colour of your choice. Usually 3 to 4 coats, allow drying between coats.
Spray with sealer to give a bit of a shine and keep paint from chipping.

Add some clip art to a label, print off and stick to the outside of the jar. Add some sparkle with ribbon, a bow or a craft decorations.

Fill jars with candy, beads, hair clips or some other item of your choosing.

Your project is done!

Check out my DIY gifts on Pinterest for some great pins I have found,

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