Mother’s Day – A Celebration of Motherhood

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Although it is celebrated on different dates around the world, the majority countries, celebrate on the second Sunday of May. It is a day to celebrate motherhood, bonds and the influence of mother’s in society.

Mother's Day

We all choose different ways to celebrate our mothers, no way is right an no way is wrong. The choice is yours as a family, even if you do nothing at all. Just remember if you do something special it should be something that your mom likes, after all it is her day.

What to do on Mother’s Day?

  • Picnic in the park (if it is warm enough)
  • Do fun crafts together
  • do some gardening / buy some plants
  • do some fun photos
  • Watch a movie
  • Visit a fave restaurant
  • Make a special meal
  • Visit a family attraction

    In 2012, I spent my last Mother’s Day with my mom. I bought her a hanging plant for her balcony, like I always did and had dinner together with my daughter and hubby, the next month she was gone, with no warning. We now celebrate by sharing memories. We cry and we laugh, but we do it together as a family, Mama Bear, Baby Bear and Grizzly Bear. Often I wish I could talk to her, but know that I can’t, all my questions will be forever unanswered.

    Mother's Day

    We recently visited the public library in our neighbourhood and found out that they will be having a Mother’s Day cookie decorating/craft time. My daughter has decided that it would be a fun to do, so my hubby will be taking her over to make me a surprise. I can’t wait to see what she makes, and of course have a quiet few hours to myself.

    Most of all, create some special memories with your mother that will last a lifetime, not just a day.

    Mother's Day  Meal

    Happy Mother’s Day – Missing You

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