MagneTree Books for Children

MagneTree Books is a new and innovative series of personalized magnetic children’s books. They launched their Kickstarter campaign yesterday with the goal of changing the way children interact with and relate to their family members. The new line of personalized magnetic children’s books is designed to make sure children grow up knowing their relatives by incorporating family photo magnets into the story.

MagneTree Books

The books are available in a boy and girl version so your child can identify with the main character more easily. Each book comes with a set of 9 photo magnets and refills can be purchased as your family grows and changes.

The first story by MagneTree Books is titled “Meet Me in Zzzz…” and is centred on the main character who meets different family members in his/her dreams. Since the photos are printed on magnets, your child can move the magnets from page to page and experience different stories with different family members.

MagneTree Books

About MagneTree Books:
MagneTree Books was born from the creative minds of two siblings who aspired to bridge the distances between their children, their nephews and the rest of their family. The stories are all written by co-founders Josie and Ronny Elfassy. Josie is a ‘mompreneur’ with an Honours BA in Professional Writing & Communications and many years of experience in copy writing and creative writing. Ronny has an MA in International Development and a strong background in finance and project management.

The illustrations are by illustrator and artist, Sandra Rojas. Sandra’s child-like imagination, her incredible technical skills and her attention to detail all combine to create a visual world of wonder. The concept is the first of its kind, and is a revolutionary bridge between children’s books and technology. All you need to do is pick a story, upload a few photos, and you’re done.

MagneTree Books

This is an awesome book for children. The story was beautifully written, the story flowed with ease. It will be great to interchange the story each night with different pictures. My daughter loved when I read her the digital copy and can’t wait to have a new MagneTree Book.

Click to view: Promo Video & Kickstarter campaign

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