Newberry Dolls – The Perfect Mini for your Mini – Gifts Under $30

As a little girl, I loved playing with dolls. I hoped that my daughter would love them as much as me. It wasn’t until the past year or so that she began playing with dolls. When she decided to choose any sort of doll, like Abigail one of the Newberry Dolls, they had to have red hair just like hers.

Newberry Dolls are found exclusively at Sears. The special edition,  2016 Holiday doll, Noelle arrives for the holiday season. Dressed in a beautiful purple and silver outfit, she is ready for the holidays.

Newberry Dolls

The Newberry Dolls

There are 8 dolls in the Newberry family, with lifelike features, made especially for hugging. They are designed with different eye colours, skin tones and hairstyles.

Newberry Dolls


When it comes to fashion, a doll must have the very best. Mix and match, sports or holiday outfits, the possibilities are endless.
Newberry Dolls

Newberry Dolls


What does every little girl need for her doll? Accessories, that’s what. Create a fun fantasy land for your mini with these amazing items and more.

Newberry DollsThe fun doesn’t end, Newberry also has Soccer Doll, Poolside Doll and Slumber Party Doll, all with their very own fun accessories.

Once a child has seen the dolls, they will want one and many accessories. My daughter has already started a Newberry wish list, which includes the items above, a friend for Abby and of course the Equestrian gear. She loves horses. It’s like reliving my childhood and the Sear’s Christmas Wish Book.

Give the gift of friendship with a Newberry doll this holiday season. Suitable for kids aged 3+, affordable and hours of play.

My daughter found a best friend in Abigail, she takes care of her, feeds her and loves her. She is so glad she came home with us, thanks to Sears for putting an endless smile on my daughter’s face.



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2 Responses to Newberry Dolls – The Perfect Mini for your Mini – Gifts Under $30

  1. Hope says:

    I love these dolls, so cute and inexpensive!!!
    My daughters are getting the soccer girl and Allie this year.

    Fingers crossed the like them as much as I do!!

    • Mama Bear6910 says:

      I hope your daughters liked the dolls, we bought Addison and some more outfits, my daughter is really happy with them.

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