Apartment Building Security Guards leave Tenants Unsecured

We are supposed to feel safe, knowing our building has Security Guards patrolling the premises. Many do not.  The security guards don’t really do their job. Most times they are behind a locked closed-door. Should you happen to knock, they answer the door in a not so timely manner, like they were woken from a nap. Yes, they secure themselves but not the building. I definitely don’t feel secure with these apartment building Security Guards.

Security Guards

Security Guards Duty

There are many job descriptions for a security guard, but generally it lines up with the following:

Guard, patrol, or monitor premises to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of rules.

A Security Guard is expected to circulate among visitors, patrons and employees to preserve order and protect property. They may be required to use force to apprehend or evict any violators from a premises if warnings are not taken seriously.  Security Guard Training HQ

The Guards in Our Building

  • locked behind the office door
  • take breaks together (4 guards on a smoke break at a time)
  • don’t help unless police are involved
  • allow construction to continue after hours (they let them in)

When you have Security Guards in an apartment building, they are supposed to protect and keep the tenants inside safe. If they are not doing their duties, why is there a need for guards? The building originally needed guards to protect the building against the crime in the neighbourhood. It seems these guards are more afraid of the people than doing their job.

While the broken locks are not the responsibility of the guards, it is their job to make sure those who don’t belong are not entering any time they want. There is no more need for keys, the doors now slide open when you walk up to them, allowing anyone to enter. Where are the guards? Behind closed doors.

We can’t really complain to management, they don’t care either, after all, they chose to have no locks on the doors of the building.

This company has been fined, guards have been fired for helping others break bylaws.

Apartment living at its finest. People say move, but really how safe will the next place be.


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