Paintbrush Ornaments – DIY Holiday Decor

I found 4 paintbrushes in a craft drawer that I had previously used for one of my daughter’s crafty birthday party. Since I don’t really have a use for them I decided to create a holiday decoration. My theme at Christmas time is usually snowmen. I decided to make 2 snowmen and 2 Santa, paintbrush ornaments just to change it up a little.

paintbrush ornaments

Each year I try to begin my Christmas crafts in October so that I will have them done in time for decorating. I procrastinate a bit and I seem to always be waiting for the right light for taking my pictures.

For this project, I just used the materials I have on hand but you can pick up anything you need at your local dollar store.


PaintBrush Ornaments


  • paint brushes
  • paint – red (Santa), and white, pink and green (Snowman)
  • jewels
  • glitter glue – red and white
  • black electrical tape
  • glue gun
  • 2 colours of yarn
  • Ribbon
  • sharpie markers



  1. Apply 2-3 coats of red paint to the handles of the brushes and let dry between coats. When the paint is dry, add a coat or red glitter glue and let dry.
  2. Take the black electrical tape and cover the metal of the paint brushes.
  3. Spray the paintbrush with the clear sealer and let dry.
  4. Add a few jewels to the handles for buttons and some around the tape for a belt buckle.
  5. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon and add into the hole in the handle of the brush.


  1. Apply 2-3 coats of green paint (or your choice of colour) to one handle and apply the pink to the other handle and let dry.
  2. Apply 3-4 coats of white paint on the metal and let dry between coats.
  3. Add white glitter glue to the paintbrush handle and add the clear sealer.
  4. Take a sharpie and draw on the snowman’s face and mouth
  5. Wrap yarn around handle forming a hat and glue on a pom pom
  6. Draw on the snowman’s face with the sharpie markers
  7. Add a scarf around the edge of the paint bristles and glue on pom poms


When you have completed all the steps the project is complete and can be hung on your tree, a door or the wall, where ever you find the perfect spot.



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3 Responses to Paintbrush Ornaments – DIY Holiday Decor

  1. Great way to recycle old paint brushes. Did you use acrylic paint to cover the ferrule of the brush?
    Nigel William recently posted…The best cordless drill under $50, $75, $100, $150 & for any price | Review 2018My Profile

  2. Julie F says:

    What a great idea and something I would never have thought of doing!

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