Reach for The Stars Colouring Printable – Out of This World

Our Daughter’s birthday is next month and the theme this year is the galaxy. There will also be a sleepover with a few of her friends. We plan on having a starry night full of games and fun. To quiet the girls down for the evening, I thought that I would create reach for the stars printable to go with the party theme. Something they can do just before a movie before bedtime.

Well, who am I kidding because it’s going to be a long night!

Reach for The Stars Colouring Printable

Reach for the stars

Our daughter loves learning about the stars and planets so we thought that the Galaxy theme would be perfect for her. The ideas she came up with her a little out of my comfort zone. So when I suggested galaxy ideas, she got so excited and hasn’t stopped talking about the party.

Reach for the Stars printable will have the kids colouring out of this world.

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Visit again soon for our slumber party ideas and our Galaxy themed party planning.

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