DIY Galaxy Theme Birthday – Out of This World Planets and Stars

This week, our daughter turns 9. She is amazed by all the colours of the galaxy and all the stars in the sky. For her birthday this year, we have decided to go with a DIY Galaxy theme birthday party. So, over the past month, we have been planning the party and creating the theme decorations.

We had a t-shirt created by Canadian Creative Co for her to wear for the day, along with the star pants that she has. We can’t wait to see her face when she opens it in the morning before summer camp.

DIY Galaxy Theme Birthday

DIY Galaxy Theme Birthday

Our daughter had a list of friends she wanted to invite so I texted the parents of the ones I know. For those that I don’t have a number for I created invitations that were delivered by hand.


Planets and Star Garland – Cut out stars and onto cardboard and cut out. Cover in aluminum foil and attach to ribbon. For the planets, I used a wreath form and styrofoam balls.

DIY Decorations

Galaxy in a Jar Table Topper

Take a few canning jars or any other jar you may have around the apartment. Colourful rocks, styrofoam balls of various sizes, skewers. Layer the rocks into the jar until you reach the top, angling the jar as you fill it. Paint up the styrofoam balls to look like planets and insert into the rocks. Add some silver sparkle around the jar.

Galaxy Canvas Paintings

We found some galaxy paintings online for ideas of our own. Different sizes of canvas from the dollar store, acrylic paint, paintbrushes and sponges were used to create our painting. My husband created one and added in some planets.


  • Make your own Planet Pizza
  • Meteorite Marshmallow Pops
  • Chocolate Freckle Cookies
  • Mirror Glazed Galaxy Cake – Recipe

Photo Booth Wall 

Making memories is fun when you have friends to share them with. We will be creating a wall for taking photos throughout the evening,

  • blue table cloths – Dollar store
  • Stars and planets – DIY
  • A large photo frame
  • photo props

The activities my daughter has chosen for the night have nothing to do with the galaxy but she has an evening planned that will be out of this world for everyone. Find out what she has planned on the post- Summertime Slumber Party Fun. (coming soon) This will include a game for a chance to win a handmade candy/gumball jar.

Shopping List Printable

When planning a party of any kind, make sure to have a list so that you have everything you need to make the party a success.

DIY Galaxy Theme Birthday

Loot Bag and Thank You Card (printable)

Are loot bags necessary for birthdays? If you don’t want to do them, you don’t have too. There are many different options for party favours. Don’t spend money on cheap toys from the dollar store, get creative and make your own. We made zipper clips and will be making gumdrops to go in small Tupperware containers that the kids can continue using during the school year.

DIY Galaxy Theme Birthday

We hope she enjoys her birthday and sparkles throughout the day and night. This will probably be the last party until she turns 16. We will continue to do fun stuff with her for her birthday but without all the stress of preparing for a party.

This week will be busy with all the last-minute decorating and baking.

Do you do themed parties for your kids?

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