Reality TV Shows

Reality TV Shows
Reality TV Shows shows are not that new. They have been around since about 1948 with Alan Funts Candid Camera, nothing compared to the shows of today, like The Bachelor or Survivors cut throat way to win millions which are probably 2 of the most watched shows.

I think to be able to watch up and coming stars from the beginning, on shows like American Idol and the X Factor is fantastic. Who doesn’t love Simon Cowell. I remember as a kid watching shows like Solid Gold or Tiny Talent Time cheering on my faves as I do today. I enjoy trying to figure out who the winner will be. I pick one at the start, I tell my hubby so that when I am right, he will believe me when I say “I knew he/she would win”. I am usually right 99 % of the time. I guess since I can’t sing, my talent is knowing who is good. (haha)

Most Reality shows are scripted in some way or another. Lets face it we enjoy watching the drama unfold each week (as long as it’s not our own), we love to hate these people, but each week we are back for more, cheering on our favourites.

There is one Reality show that I am sure is not scripted, and that would be Deadliest Catch. Real live drama unfolding as you watch, no one could script the scenes we’ve seen. This is a true Reality show.

Check out the highest rated Reality TV show from IMDb with 1000 votes or more. Which ones are your faves and how many do you watch?

Here are a few more that I watch: Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, Intervention, MasterChef Australia. Are you watching?

I guess in Reality there is never a dull moment. Someone else’s Reality may not be what you want for your self, but it does make for some great entertainment, well at least on TV.

There are so many shows out there to watch when it comes to Reality TV, which ones do we watch and what makes us choose the ones we do.

Would you “star” on a reality show? Which one?





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4 Responses to Reality TV Shows

  1. Freda Mans says:

    I watched Tiny Talent Time too. It is/was filmed here in Hamilton, my hometown. They have a new and updated version on tv now.
    I watch all the Real Housewives. Even the UK ones…. which are funny. My soap operas basically. LOL
    Freda Mans recently posted…#11: Trigger Warning – Neil GaimanMy Profile

    • Mama Bear6910 says:

      I believe I remember seeing something about a newer version of Tiny Talent Time!! I am heading your way in April for some fun with a group of ladies from a FB group!!

  2. Gingermommy says:

    I like Survivor and a lot of the originals reality tv but I would never put myself on one lol Not even a blogger one
    Gingermommy recently posted…5 Things to do in Washington DCMy Profile

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