The Terrible Toddler Years aka Terrible Two’s

Toddler Years
Most new parents don’t expect the terrible twos to start until their toddler is two years old, that is not true at all. I asked various mothers I know and came up with different ages, ranging from 1-3 years old.

The Terrible Two’s is definitely the wrong Term for this stage. Maybe Terrible Toddler years. It sounds a bit more realistic.

For me it began about 18 months and has been a pretty much constant stage since. My daughter is coming up on three. Well lets just say, I figured it would be almost over by now. NO!! I was wrong. I feel like a broken record. The whining, crying and little tiny fits that it started with, have grown into bigger ones. The constant NO’s from her when asked to do something.

Some days are better than others, I know that she is trying to be defiant on purpose. This is her way of expressing to me, that I may not be understanding her needs, or what point she may be trying to get across to me through these little mood swings.

Tantrums: Don’t give in. I know sometimes it is hard but try not to. (yes I am trying to convince myself)
Sucking up: This one pulls at my heart. My daughter comes to me, sits on my lap and hugs and kisses me. I almost give in until she starts batting her eyes and saying “I love you Mama”. Most times I don’t give in, but on that rare occasion I do. Have you?

I try hard to stick to a regular routine and to keep things as “normal” as possible. At snack time or meal time I offer her a few items and let her choose which one she wants. I got tired of making food and it ending up on the floor or the garbage because she wouldn’t eat it. Its her choice, it makes her feel she is in control.

Sometimes I feel like a mean Mama, but I am only trying to teach my daughter. In the end she will know I am always there for her and that I love her under all circumstances.

What did you experience during this stage of development? What were some of the things you did to make it go a bit more smoothly?

Update : My daughter is now in school and has improved since the Terrible Two’s/Toddler years. Now in school with a whole new attitude!!

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