Say What? Who Talks Like That?

We have conversations everyday with people from different age groups and sometimes we may not always know what that person is talking about. Are we all down with that? Can you dig it?

Over the years the lingo in which we talk to others has changed quite a bit. Something that sounds negative, may actually mean something fabulous. Most times it leaves us thinking, Say what? Who talks like that?

say what? who talks like that?

The depression era of the 1930’s people were using words such as Trigger Men guns were referred to as Gat/rod/heater/convincer if you were a drinker you may have a glass of Hooch/Booze, men called the women Broad/dame/dolls, and some ended up in the Big House for crimes.

The 1940’s was dominated by war, people were given Bum raps, and someone was always trying Bust your chops.Words like buzz, Call girl, Cheesy, Chrome-dome, Cracks me up, Fat-head, and Geezer began.

In the 1950’s, people were beginning to live the American dream of the suburban life and having a ball. Big Daddy Beefcake was getting lots of booty because it was no big deal.

In the 1960’s we had to be cool, things were groovy and out of this world, some were uncool, these were the ones who were all show and no go, probably because they were blitzed and having a blast. What a bummer it was to catch cooties and please don’t flip your wig if you think Bart Simpson was the first to say don’t have a cow.

Lets flashback to the 1970’s flower power time and things were far out man. Jeepers Creepers, don’t mention spiders or you will freak me out.

What happened in the 1980’s, were people “Brand New”? Oh wait, every one wanted to be a Valley girl, didn’t you? I totally didn’t. Gag me with a spoon. That is just so lame.

Give me back the 60’s and 70’s, an out of sight time when everything was peace, love, and granola. Yes, this sounds a little dorky, so I am gonna blow this taco stand and chill out.

Check out more slang and see what lingo from the past has been re created to adapt to the current times.
Ten four good buddy! Over and out!

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7 Responses to Say What? Who Talks Like That?

  1. Aeryn Lynne says:

    Haha, that’s quite the list! It’s cool to know that “cheesy”, a term I use more than I probably should these days, was coined back in the 1940s. Love finding the etymology of weird/interesting words!
    Aeryn Lynne recently posted…Five Places to Be In Toronto #BucketListTOMy Profile

    • Mama Bear6910 says:

      I have a few I have continuously used over the years and have never really adapted to some of the newer lingo. It is quite interesting reading some of the older ones.

  2. Layne says:

    This is very interesting and entertaining! I’m going to try out a few of these with my friends this weekend!

  3. hahaha I totally remember the “Valley Girls” Thanks for bringing me back to my younger days
    little Miss Kate recently posted…The Diaper Bag You Want Even After You Are Done With Diapers – Oemi Baby BagMy Profile

  4. LOL, I love this list! It is cool to learn which era these all originated from because many have carried over to now. I think my most favourite from the 2000’s would have to be sick. As in “that’s so cool it’s sick.” I make my kids a little ill when I use it, LOL.
    Suzanne Rudge recently posted…Gardening Fails: The Blood, The Sweat & Yes, Even The TearsMy Profile

  5. I think language is changing even faster these days. I can barely understand my kids sometimes lol!

  6. Ha, this is great, I love looking back like this. I totally need to bring back gag me with a spoon. Hilarious!
    Tammi @ My Organized Chaos recently posted…Come to the #OneWalkShoeSelfie Twitter Party on June 2ndMy Profile

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