15 Holiday Movies to Watch – Mama Bear’s Picks

When it comes to Christmas time, there are so many movies to watch and some are even worth watching more than once a season.  As a child, it began with all the classic animated shows we watched as a family. My mom introduced me to many non-animated movies that I continue to watch today and share them with my daughter. Below is a list of Holiday movies to watch this season. Holiday Movies to Watch Below are the movies that I like to watch during the Christmas Season.  We have … Continue reading

Celebrate 150 Years – Free Events in Toronto on Canada Day

celebrate 150 years

We usually leave our plans for Canada Day as last minute since we can never decide on what to do. This year we want to celebrate 150 years with a day filled with fun family events and activities. There are so many celebrations and events to attend depending on what you are into. All events I have listed are family friendly and you can’t go wrong for a weekend of fun. Free Events to Celebrate 150 Years Looking for music, arts or a different taste for culture? Visit any of … Continue reading

100 Years of Magic – Disney On Ice Highlights – Toronto Show


Last night we attended the evening performance of Disney on Ice – 100 Years of Magic at the Roger’s Centre in Toronto. We love spending time together as a family enjoying a show we all love. On our way to the show, we ran into a couple of friends who my daughter entertained with her joy of attending the show. Once inside, I chatted with a few friends who I spied from across the seats, well that and a text message. Walt Disney brought his cartoon characters alive through animations. … Continue reading

Disney on Ice – Dare to Dream – Opening Show Highlights

Last night, we headed down to the Rogers Centre to see the opening show of Disney on Ice Dare to Dream. It was the perfect way for my daughter and her friend to start their winter vacation. We had an awesome time and enjoyed it just as much as Disney on Ice – World of Fantasy. It isn’t a Disney show, without an appearance from Mickey, Minnie and friends, introducing throughout the show. Screams of excitement could be heard throughout. My daughter and her friend, were singing and dancing, having … Continue reading

Female Musicians – Mama Bears Top 25

female musicians

When I was about 9 years old I heard Bonnie Tyler singing It’s a Heartache on the the radio. I am sure I had no idea at the time what the song was about nor did I probably care, it sounded good and her voice was just amazing. Since that time I have been following many female musicians.

Summertime TV – 2015

Summertime TV

Summer is fast approaching and with that brings a batch of new and returning TV show for the Summertime TV, that we have been waiting to watch. I know, who watches TV in the summer when there is so much more fun things to do. When I was growing up, there were no summertime TV shows returning, so we spent most of the time out doors. It wasn’t until about 5-10 years ago that during the summer a show we watched would have a summer special and eventually have new … Continue reading