Easy Hacks That Will Help Build New Habits

Creating new habits isn’t easy. Here are a few easy hacks that will help you build new habits. Use them until you’ve incorporated the new habit and don’t need them anymore.

Build New Habits

Easy Hacks That Will Help Build New Habits

Add it to your Calendar

Sometimes we forget to do that new thing we were trying. Maybe we forget that we’re supposed to for breakfast instead of a stack of waffles, or that we need to get that daily walk in.

Schedule your new habits or make them part of your daily to-do list until they become something you do automatically.

build New Habits


Let others close to you know what new habits you’re trying to enact. Hopefully, they help you stick to your plan and keep you on track.

You may even want to share it on your social media channels or write a blog post about your new journey. Knowing that others read it and know about it might be just enough to keep you going when you feel like throwing in the towel.

Add New Habit to Old Habit

When possible, add the new habit to the old habit. For example, if you take a nap at 2 pm, and you want to get in the habit of taking a daily walk, make the new routine to go for your walk and then come back and enjoy a tea.

It’s much easier to adjust an existing habit or routine than attempting a new one.

A Price to Pay

Have you heard about the Swear Jar?  Put a jar on the counter and each time you fall back to your bad habit or forget to stick to the new one you have to put money in the jar. It will quickly help you remember to skip that chocolate and motivate you to go out for that walk.

Build New Habits

Find A Partner

Find someone with the same or similar goal. This could be a workout partner or a diet buddy. Keep tabs on each other and encourage each other to keep going. It’s much harder to skip a walk if you know someone else is depending on you being there.

Group Challenge

If one accountability partner is good, an entire group is even better. And they don’t even need to be local. Find a supportive group online and challenge each other to stick to your new habit for the next 30 days. Not wanting to be the first one to give up will keep all of you going until you establish that new habit.

Give these simple little hacks a try and start to build new habits. Stick the ones that you find helpful until you have made new habits you can stick with without the help of any support.

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