Seriously Good Freezer Meals by Karrie Truman – A Time Saver

I received Seriously Good Freezer Meals free of charge from Robert Rose Publishing for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation has been received or implied for this post. All opinions are my own as usual.

We all want to save time in the kitchen during the week so we can spend more time with our families. I have been doing small little freezer meals so dinner time is done quicker and easier, that’s the reason I bought a freezer. I need to spend more time making different meals to be readily available. So, when I had the chance to check out Seriously Good Freezer Meals by Karrie Truman, I took it.

Seriously Good Freezer Meals

Seriously Good Freezer Meals

It doesn’t matter what your cooking skill level is, there are recipes for all. If you are a beginner there are 7 meals to make in a day. For the intermediate level, there are 30 meals to make in a day and for the more advanced there are 50 meals. The recipe pages give you grocery lists, batches and freezer meal prep. Everything you need to know about freezer meals can be found throughout the book.

Seriously Good Freezer Meals

No matter what type of meal you are looking for, you will find something you can give a try. I have already tried a few and as a family, we really enjoyed the 30 Minute Pizza Sauce recipe. I may have used a few different ingredients because of what I had on hand and it still turned out delicious.

About the Author

Karrie Truman is a passionate, writer and author of the popular blog and started blogging in 2009 as a way of sharing recipes and money saving ideas with her sisters. She currently lives and blogs from Eastern Washington. Karrie’s unique and inventive ideas keep her readers cooking in the kitchen and laughing along with her funny adventures.

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You can find Seriously Good Freezer meals on Amazon or from Karrie’s blog

Save your sanity and start making freezer meals. I am very happy to have found new ideas for meals and am now enjoying tips and ideas from Karrie’s blog.



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