Slumber Party Fun in the Summertime Indoor Ideas

In the summer, it is sometimes hard to get friends together. My daughter’s birthday was in August and she is had a sleepover.  We don’t want the kids to be playing games online. There is only 1 computer between all the kids. It’s just not going to happen and I have told my daughter it will be a device-free night. There are plenty of fun things to do to have Slumber Party fun in the summertime or anytime!

Slumber Party Fun

The fun began after summer camp on a Friday afternoon. My daughter had about 10 kids over to help her celebrate her birthday. Only 2 spent the night with our daughter.

Slumber Party Fun in the Summertime

Board Games

We have a variety of board games that we can all play. Well, that’s if we, the parents are allowed too.


How good are you at convincing others that you’re right? Balderdash lets you make up fake definitions or answers to questions. Everyone submits an answer and votes; the answer with the most votes wins, even if it’s completely wrong! Ages 12+; $24.99 While the game was meant for ages 12+, we had fun with the game in our own version for 9-year-olds. I can’t wait for adult game night with friends to truly enjoy the game at its best.

You are looking for more games to play with family and friends, head on over to Mattel to see the other amazing game choices.


What girl doesn’t like to get pampered? I will have a variety of colours available for the girls to do their fingers and toenails. If it is ok with the parents, we will do their hair with chalk to add some fun colours.


When our daughter’s friends come over they like to get creative with some sort of craft using the supplies I have. Lately, they are into making bracelets and I have tons of beads. Before the party, I created sleep masks for the girls that are spending the night. My daughter has a lip balm kit so they are going to make one for themselves.


Mary Poppins Returns – I watched the original Mary Poppins when I was younger than my daughter. The new version is currently on Netflix so I thought it would be a good movie before bed. The girls were excited to watch it.

Slumber Party Fun


Do you allow your child to go for sleepovers? My childhood and teens included so many sleepovers. My daughter enjoys having friends over or even spending nights at her friends. It’s all part of making memories that last a lifetime.

Now that school is back in and the kids have reunited with friends they missed during summertime

Mama Bear’s Haven received Balderdash to help with the Slumber party fun. All opinions are our own as always.

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