Tips on Dealing with Negative People in Your Life

We all want to feel positive energy around us. No matter how much we strive for this, there are always those will pull us in and drag us down.  Having negative people in your life will become a hazard to your health. For many, this is their way of life. Don’t get pulled in and stay positive. Learn ways to avoid and deal with the negative people around you.

Over the years I have dealt with a few negative people. At first, you don’t realize it is happening. You figure the person just needs to vent but after awhile it becomes apparent that this is the way this person is and it is time to deal with it before it takes over your thinking. Don’t become like them, be happy and positive to live a healthy life.

The tips below are things I try to do to stay positive around the negative. if you want more insights on what makes a person negative check out this article over at Psychology Today.

Tips on Dealing with Negative People in Your Life

Negative People

Don’t Debate

Everyone has their own views and opinions, whether right or wrong. Don’t debate with a negative person. They will have more reasons why we should agree with their views. If you engage in this situation, it will only end in an argument and you will be brought down to their level. Say what you have to then move on or it will be a never-ending debate.

Avoid Certain Topics

If there are conversations that seem to trigger the negativity in people, avoid those topics. Talk about the good that is happening in their life and yours. If the topic starts to turn back to the negative topics, ignore and move on. Hopefully, they get the subtle hint.

Give Compliments

I am sure we have all been negative about ourselves at some point in life but have been able to move on. For some, they hold on to these emotions and bring it to others. Compliment them, praise them for something they have done. They may try to discard the compliment, however, on the inside, they are smiling with glee. Turn that negativity into something positive and try to see the goodness in that person.

Cut the Connections

Sometimes we have to remove these people from our lives in order to feel happy and carefree. We can’t feel drained during or after an encounter. Find more positive people to be around, ones who will keep your spirits lifted with happiness. When you cut connections, it may be difficult but you will feel so much better for doing so.

Leave the Drama to the movies and TV and keep it out of your life. Vent if you have to but move on once it is off your chest. Train your brain and find motivation.

Have you had to deal with a negative person in your life? How did you deal with the situation?