Free Range Parenting – I was a Free Range Child

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In today’s world, the parenting of your child seems to be determined by other parents. When in fact, as the parent, we should mind our own business and realize that everyone has their own parenting style, from Free Range Parenting to Helicopter parenting. We shouldn’t have to worry that someone else believes what we are doing is wrong. What is right for my child, may not be right for yours. Each child develops uniquely, have different strengths and abilities, but will meet anticipated milestones along the way. While one child … Continue reading

Parenting Styles

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As parents, we each have our own Parenting Style, no ones way is right and no ones way is wrong. We choose to raise our child in our own manners. Parenting styles are the portrayals of how parents respond and answer to their children. We all want our children to be well behaved and liked in society. The way we react or don’t react, affects the behaviour of our children.  How does your child react to your style of parenting?