Raising Girls Who Love Themselves – Be Self Confident

raising girls who love themselves

Self-confidence and self-esteem are often difficult for girls. Not just in terms of body image, but just having a girl learn to love everything about herself, including her intelligence, her creativity, and the special skills she has. Here are some ways of raising girls who love themselves. Raising Girls Who Love Themselves Show That You Accept Yourself How You Are One thing all girls have in common is that they look up to their mothers. If you want your daughter to love herself, you need to show that you love yourself … Continue reading

9 Manners Every Kid Should Be Using

9 Manners

We should begin teaching our children at an early age proper etiquette and manners. The 9 manners every kid should be using, is a shortened list of many more. They aren’t just for kids, but adults too. We lead by examples and should be setting the proper ones. What are Manners? A way of acting; bearing or behavior The socially correct way of acting; etiquette ( the rules indicating the proper and polite way to behave) The prevailing customs, social conduct, and norms of a specific society Since my child … Continue reading

Parenting Styles

Family - Parenting Styles

As parents, we each have our own Parenting Style, no ones way is right and no ones way is wrong. We choose to raise our child in our own manners. Parenting styles are the portrayals of how parents respond and answer to their children. We all want our children to be well behaved and liked in society. The way we react or don’t react, affects the behaviour of our children.  How does your child react to your style of parenting?