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If you are currently living in an apartment building or renting a house, as tenants, you have rights.  Many Landlords will try to take advantage of tenants, their building, their rules.   There are many misconceptions about what can and can’t be done, as well as the way in which it is conducted. Many outlets online provide useful and helpful information. Below, I have mentioned a few important points for renters and some links to help.

Tenants, Know Your Rights

Tenants, Know Your Rights


It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that the building meets health, safety, maintenance and housing standards, set out by the municipal bylaws and the province maintenance standards. If management does not meet requirements, this needs to be reported so the issue can be solved. (call 311 in Toronto) Read more about Maintenance and Repairs.


All tenants must pay rent on time. You can not hold off paying your rent because of an issue.

Rent will only increase once a year by an amount set by the Ministry of Housing. You must be given written notice 90 days before the increase is to begin.

Health and Safety

A building must be free and clear of obstacles to prevent accidents. If you have building security, they are there to protect the tenants and building. They should also act as management when there is none on the premises. Bugs can be a health hazards and a pain, make sure management takes care of this issue.

Landlords will put in for a Rent Increase Above the Guidelines to cover costs on maintenance and repairs that have been neglected over the years.The increase can not be raised more than 3% above the guidelines within 1 year.

This post is intended to help those who are renting. The building where I live is currently undergoing major renovations with a few facelifts. They are currently trying to raise the rent above the guidelines to cover costs. I am hearing many different stories from tenants. Some are scared, some are waiting for repairs and some don’t know they can call 311 for help.

Don’t let a landlord bully you into believing all the information they tell you. All parties should be respectful to one another.

Tenants, Know Yor Rights

Tenants, Know Your Rights before and after signing a lease. For more information, you can visit the Landlord and Tenant Board website.


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4 Responses to Tenants, Know Your Rights – Apartment Living Toronto

  1. Paula Schuck says:

    So important to know your rights in so many areas but this is most relevant. Many don’t have a clue what the tenant is entitled to and what the landlord needs to do.
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  2. Mommyoutside says:

    I wish all landlords were good ones (and there are good ones) but sadly they aren’t. Like in any business you are always going to come across the ones who are selfish and greedy with no concern at all for their customers (tenants). Knowing your rights is absolutely essential. And don’t forget to get tenant’s insurance too!

  3. Gingermommy says:

    When we rented we had good and bad landlords, this information was really helpful. It is much easier when all are respectful

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