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I want my child to be able to make her own choices when it comes to her body, including hair.  My daughter was born with beautiful red curly hair. I wanted her to continue growing her hair until she was ready. There have been numerous times during brushings that I have threatened to cut it. I declined from doing so. It would have felt like I was torturing her. The decision for her first haircut had to be hers.

first haircut

Over the past few years, each morning and evening had been hair brushing torture. Not just for me but for my daughter. My daughter was born with red hair and as it grew became curly. After a day of playing and hair flying around, it became knotted. Each brushing would consist of ouch, ouch, it hurts and then the tears would fall, I would console her and say I was sorry.

I was tired of the everyday hassle of brushing her hair and hubby was tired of listening to it. I tried numerous ways to make her change her mind. However, she was afraid that if we cut her hair she would look like a boy, something she didn’t want. I began showing her pictures of other little girls with short hair, that didn’t work. Finally, I decided to let her know that if she cut her hair she could donate it and a wig would be made for someone who needed hair. I could really see her thinking about this.

first haircut

The First Haircut

Just before she headed back to school, she decided that she wanted a new hairstyle for school. At first, she just wanted a different look with hairbands. A while later she came back and said she wanted to cut her hair and donate it. We sat her down to make sure that this is what she wanted and it was. She wanted to be able to help someone in need.

Sunday was the day we decided to do her hair, she didn’t want to go to a hair salon, she wanted me to do it. I would have preferred to let someone else do it, but she insisted it be done.  Cutting her hair was no easy task since my daughter’s hair is thick, I snipped and snipped until I cut through and then I held the ponytail in front of my daughter who shouted and clapped with excitement. The brush and mirror are her new best friends, she is very happy to be able to brush her own hair smoothly without the knots.

first haircut

I fixed it the best I could after the initial cut however I am not a professional and she wouldn’t keep her head straight. I will be taking her to a professional very soon to fix it up. If you ever want to cut your own hair, check out the Ponytail Haircut.

If you or a child would like to donate your hair, there are a few things you will need to know. All of the answers can be found by visiting the Canadian Cancer Society.

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