Things to Do at 50 – My Birthday Bucket List

Hitting 50 is a milestone in everybody’s life. It doesn’t really matter how you celebrate as long as it is fun for you. In a month I will be celebrating my 50th birthday. People celebrate with surprise parties, bucket lists, dinners and more. Below is my bucket list, things to do at 50. There is nothing too challenging, no daring deeds like bungy jumping or jumping from a plane, just a few things I would like to do.

Things to to at 50

I want to try and complete as many of these items as possible. I know some are a dream and will be pricey and some just can’t be done without friends and family.

Things to Do at 50

1. Tattoo

I have a few tattoos already and have been planning to get a new one, hopefully, I can find something I really like and get it done.

2. Extreme Hair Colour

I love the idea of having rainbow hair and have wanted to do it for some time, perhaps now is the time. It is only hair that can be redone.

3. A Fun Night Out

Dressing up and heading out with family or friends to an Art Exhibit, dinner or even a play. I am usually a casual dresser, leggings and a nice top. Every now and then it would be a nice idea to get dressed up for a day or evening out.

4. Visit Alberta

Ok, so this one will take some saving to do, but with some of the current flight deals I have seen, it could happen. This is on my Top 10 Places to Visit post.

5. Take more online courses

6. Cake decorating at Michaels

I would love to learn some new tricks and get the tips for decorating a really beautiful cake. Micheal’s Canada has a selection of many different baking classes or crafts classes for adults and children. Just check the store nearest you.

7. Weekend Getaway with Hubby

Everyone needs time away with their husbands, without the kids in tow. We have never been away together without our daughter, this would be a first. Maybe even a couples resort.

8. A Girls Weekend Road Trip

Things to do at 50

Sometimes it is fun to just get away for a day or a weekend with your friends. Have a relaxing weekend away with a few laughs.

9. Horseback riding with my daughter

My daughter loves horses and while she has been on pony rides, she would love to ride a horse.

10. Helicopter Ride

11. Meet a More Famous Canadians

Over the past few years, we have met a few famous Canadians. We have met a few from our favourite show Heartland, Chefs from MasterChef Canada and of course Kim Coates who appeared on Sons of Anarchy.

12. Finish Started Craft Projects

There are many seasonal projects I have started and never quite finished in time to add to my craft.

13. Create an out of this world meal for friends

14. Try Saskatoon berries

Things to do at 50

Over the past few years, I have heard so much about the Saskatoon berry and have wanted to try it for so long. Last year I thought I found a place to pick them but there wasn’t a very good harvest. Perhaps if I make it to Albert, I will get my chance.

15. Niagara Wine Tour

A wine tour would be perfect to add with a weekend getaway with the hubby.

16. Attend a Concert

It has been a few years since I have attended a concert, so I think it is time to hit up another one soon. I do have a few  I am interested in seeing, like Pink in May, Corey Hart (my first concert ever), Elton John and a few more with my daughter.

17. Snap Shots Around Toronto

I love history and learning all about the city I live in. As a family, we want to travel around Toronto and capture a little bit of history of the city.

18. Massage

19. Repaint my dressers

The dressers I have were my parents, while they are still in great shape, I think they need a new colour to help brighten up the bedroom.

20. A new eating establishment  per month

This year I want to find different restaurants, bakeries and cafes around Toronto to check out and add to a list of places to eat.

For my birthday dinner, we are planning on visiting the Mandarin and although we have been there before, that is the meal I want for my birthday. This will be the first of 12 restaurants for the year. We will also be attending the International Car Show during the day.

Some of these things I have listed are probably not everyone’s idea of stuff to do, but this is my list. You may just find something you want to do and never thought of.

Did you know that you can get Birthday Freebies in your Inbox from restaurants and more?

What would your things to do at 50 be?


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