Planning a Dinner Party for 6 – An Evening with Friends

I recently created a Birthday Bucket List of stuff I would like to accomplish this year. One of those items is to create a meal for friends. I decided to make a fun evening of it and do a buffet style dinner party. Now I am planning a dinner party for 6 for the springtime.

Planning a Dinner Party for 6

Planning a Dinner Party for 6 – An Evening with Friends

So I have never really planned a dinner party for anyone other than my husband and daughter. I have had parties but I just did appetizers that were simple and easy. This time I want to plan a 3-4 course meal.

The Planning

Consider these points when planning your party.

  • What is your budget
  • How many guests
  • Do you have a theme
  • What will be on the menu
  • When will the dinner be
  • Will it be formal or informal
  • Consider food allergies an food restrictions for your guests
Planning a Dinner Party for 6

Buffet Style

Remember, keep it simple you don’t have to be Martha Stewart.

The Menu

  • Make a list of all the items you will need
  • Choose menus items that you have tasted
  • Make a list for food prep
  • Find foods that compliment each other
  • Create a signature mocktail/cocktail
Planning a dinner party for 6

Signature Drinks

Party Prep

Most of the party prep can be done in advance. This way you are not exhausted on the day of the dinner. Begin to prepare at least 2 days ahead of the planned party.

2 Days Before

  • Purchase all the food and supplies needed
  • Clean and organize
  • Prepare any sauces cover and refrigerate

1 Day Before

  • Prepare and bake desserts
  • Pull out dishes and set the table
  • Purchase any last minute items
  • Decorate if you are doing a themed party

Game Night Theme

The Day of  Party

Ok, so if you have never done a dinner party before you are probably beginning to panic. I know I will be.

  • Prepare fruits and veggies
  • make sure appetizers are ready to go
  • Add last minute touches
  • Have a glass of wine and relax

I have already begun planning the dinner party with my husband. Right now we are just throwing ideas back and forth and also trying to pick a date before the end of May.

We have decided on the theme of Springtime Game Night for an evening of fun and laughter.

Most people who have dinner parties have a sit-down meal, we aren’t able too due to limited space. We are doing a buffet style for the meal with appetizers served beforehand.

We look forward to sharing more details as we plan the menu.


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