Valentine Printables for Kids – A Variety of Cards

When I was much younger, I remember getting ready for a class party for Valentine’s Day. In class, we would make some sort of holder for our Valentine cards or also made our cards. It was usually some sort of heart made out of red craft paper and doilies. We would leave them attached to our desks and collect cards throughout the day. I still have all mine from elementary school in a scrapbook. The only time my daughter made anything to hold her cards, was with me at home. We like to make our own cards, like so many others. Here are a few Valentine Printables for kids.


Valentine Printables for Kids

When you are making cards for 9 or 10-year-olds, you want them to be more on the friend’s side than the boyfriend/girlfriend side.  My daughter likes them so hopefully, other kids will.

Valentine Printables for Kids

Printable 2

There are a few kids in my daughter’s class that have crushes but my daughter says she is too young for a boyfriend and would just like the boys as friends for now.

Valentine Printables for Kids

As we age Valentine’s Day becomes different. Kids no longer hand out cards to the entire class but may give one anonymously to someone we have a crush on. in high school we did balloon o grams r candy grams again, anonymously unless of course, we were already dating someone on February 14th.

Do you need more Valentine Printables for kids? Check out these DIY Valentine Bookmarks or Be My Valentine colouring pages.

This year Valentine’s Day is on a Friday, do you have plans? It’s a PA day at school and the start of Family Day weekend so we will be doing fun activities all weekend.

Don’t be running around the day before trying to find cards for your kid’s class, get out the printer paper or card stock and print off these unique ones.

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