Fishbowl Snowman – Easy Dollar Store Crafts

It’s the time of year that I begin my Christmas crafts. Over the next few months, my family will be creating a few different and easy crafts for the holiday season. If you know me, then you know that there will be a snowman or two. To begin, I am creating a fishbowl snowman, with items I purchased at the dollar store.

Fishbowl Snowman – Dollar Store Crafts

Fishbowl Snowman

Materials Needed:

  • 2 glass bowls
  • snowman hat decoration (I found mine at Dollar Tree)
  • fake snow
  • ribbon
  • buttons
  • googly eyes or gems like I used
  • glue or mod podge
  • foam brush

How to Assemble the Snowman:

Add glue to the inside of each bowl and sprinkle with the fake snow. Swish around until the inside is covered.

Attach the 2 bowls together and attach the hat to the top and let dry.

Fishbowl Snowman

Glue on the eyes and buttons and let dry again. While the glue is drying cut out enough ribbon to go around the middle of the 2 bowls for a scarf.

Do you like to do different crafts? My favourite is using clay pots. This year I have an overstock of mason jars so I will be making some new creations with them.

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf and struggle coming up with ideas? Check out these Fun Elf on the Shelf ideas. Visit Snowman Decor to see my snowman collection.

Happy crafting!

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