Valentines Day with Kids – Fun Activities

Valentine’s Day is different at every stage of life and how we celebrate is different at all stages. When we are kids it is usually getting a treat from our best friends or our crushes. As we age it’s all about the secret admirer. When we finally find someone we care deeply about it is about showing them how much we care. Usually in the form of candy, quotes, flowers or a night and sometimes a marriage proposal which eventually gives us Valentines Day with kids.

Not everyone is fond of celebrating Valentines Day and that’s ok. Whether we want to celebrate or not, our daughter does, so we do it for her. She knows we celebrate our love every day of the year.

Valentines Day with Kids

Valentines Day with Kids

Once we have families, we tend not to do the fun and exciting things we did when we were just a couple. Rarely any date nights, no going out without a child in tow and never having enough energy to do all that.

When my daughter was a little girl. we would just buy her a stuffed toy and give lots of cuddles and kisses. Now that she is a tad older and has an understanding what the day is all about, we do fun activities.

This year we are creating fun photos at home. Our background is a tablecloth from the dollar store. My husband purchased some fun photo props as an early birthday gift for me. We have been doing mini photo shoots. I plan on doing a more serious shoot on Valentines Day.

Valentines Day with Kids

Our pre Valentines Day photo shoot.

Fun Kid Activities

  • Valentine cards for classmates
  • Heart themed crafts
  • Baking sweetheart treats
  • Decorate a room or your entire home
  • take photos
  • Create dinner together
Valentines Day with Kids

Melted Pony Beads and Cookie Cutter

We have been busy preparing for Valentines Day by decorating our living room and doing fun photography.

On February 14th, we will have a quiet dinner, watch a movie and do more photos. For us, it is all about the memories we make as a family.

Do you have any special plans and if so, what will you be doing?


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