Why Do People Lie?

If little white lies were a crime, perhaps we’d all be in jail at one time or another.

We learn from mistakes. I have learned to understand people by the way they talk or the gestures they use. I can usually tell if a person is lying, if I can’t, then I go with my gut, it never lets me down.

When you here a story, you have to wonder sometimes, Is this person for real,and how many people can they get to believe a story like that. That is exactly the reason for this post, an unbelievable story. I have said nothing, it may cause problems..
People lie to cover up their mistakes and bad behaviour, but does it stop there?

We have FEARS, the main Reasons we may lie

Fear of harm:  This harm can be either physical or mental.

Fear of conflict: avoid arguments

Fear of punishment:  bad grades, fights, bullying

Fear of cold shoulder: popularity is harmless boasting to make ourselves appear more favourable to other people.

Fear of loss: most often the loss of personal items, Greed and self esteem

Fear of being InHumane:  flattery to make them feel better. (that is a beautiful dress) This is the only selfless reason why we lie.

When a child begins to learn, we as parents should teach them manners, the difference between pretend and reality, the consequences between truth and lies. Children most often learn by example. If a child hears parents, teachers or others around them making up lies about things, then of course they will have the notion in their heads; it is okay to lie.  

I try to be as honest as I can with my daughter(she is only 2) and always tell her the truth with an explanation as to why it is right or wrong. It is working, she knows what is right, but likes to test us by doing what she isn’t suppose to do.

Do we always learn by example or do we lie and continue to do so, just because we can? Hopefully we learn that it is not an acceptable trait to have. How would our lives play out if we continued to tell lies?

Lying to Ourselves
People sometimes lie to themselves or, justify such lies, without realizing that they are doing so, because they have “internalized” the half-truths and fabrications after telling too many of them, way too many times, and ended up believing them to be true. The mind, it turns out, is quite capable of such a deception, and it happens when we are in denial of a rather harsh truth.
Sometimes, a person might not be aware of the lie because he/she has always believed it to be true. For example, the trainer of the famous horse “Clever Hans” did not know that the horse was responding to subtle clues from him, such as change in body posture, rather than performing complex arithmetic, and so he’d believed throughout that the horse was, in fact, truly gifted.

Read more at Buzzle: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/why-people-lie-psychology.html! 

When I listen to people tell stories of their lives and experiences I tend to really listen. Does it make sense, could that really happen? How trustworthy is this person? When in doubt, do a search on the subject. If it has happened, it is out there somewhere.

I have found in life when people actually say“I don’t like liars” they are usually the ones who are doing it the most. Lets face it, no one likes to be lied to and should already be known with out having to say it.  If someone has lied to you in the past more than a few times, chances are they are living a live of illusion and you probably shouldn’t believe what is being said unless verified.

If we tell the truth, we have nothing to remember. The truth seems to always comes out eventually. Have a peaceful mind and not worry about what ifs. Let the truth set you free, in mind, body and soul.



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